Dog Friendly Las Vegas: Bigger Is Not Always Better

Over the past couple months Eko and I have visited some of the most expansive dog parks in the country.  But today I was reminded that you should never judge a dog park by its size.  Sunset Dog Park is at most two acres, but in the desert heat two acres might as well have been two hundred.  Just standing in the sun for a few minutes can tire you out, so the park was plenty big enough for Eko to tire himself out in no time.

dog friendly las vegas

“Hey Will, we’re going to the park soon, right?”

dog friendly las vegas

The amount of fun Eko has is directly proportional to how far his tongue hangs out

dog friendly las vegas

All species took frequent breaks in the shade to stay cool

dog friendly las vegas

You know your dog is tired when he sleeps on a wall

Once Eko recovers and gets some food, we’ll be off to take a walk down the strip.  Until then, I get to enjoy a little peace and quiet!

8 thoughts on “Dog Friendly Las Vegas: Bigger Is Not Always Better”

    • Thanks for following along! And we’re with you – we loved living in Colorado too. It’s a great place to be a dog and/or a human.

    • Very funny and very cute! Eko just patiently stares at me with puppy dog eyes until he has my full attention.

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