Dog Friendly Las Vegas: Sin City’s Toughest Off-Leash Hike

Family friend and superstar animal opthamologist Neal Wasserman lent me a copy of a book filled with dog friendly hikes in the Las Vegas area.  Unfortunately all but two of the hikes listed required dogs to be on a leash, so people in Vegas obviously need to talk some sense into the parks department.  Of the two off leash trails, Eko and I tackled Frenchman Mountain, the largest mountain on the east side of the city.

dog friendly las vegas

The trailhead is located on Lake Mead Blvd two miles past N Hollywood Blvd.  The trail is unmarked so keep your eyes open for the view in this photo 

dog friendly las vegasThe hike is only a few miles to the top, but it consists of three sustained climbs at some pretty serious inclines.  You and your dog should both be active and in pretty good shape if you want to make the trek

dog friendly las vegas

Eko scoped out the abandoned Jeep – not even a rugged SUV could make it up the mountain pass

dog friendly las vegas

Bring LOTS of water!  The mountain is bone dry and has almost no shade.  The desert heat will wear you down if you don’t keep you and your dog hydrated

dog friendly las vegas

Of course Eko managed to find the only shade on the mountain to catch a break.  Using my knowledge from watching years of shows about elephants I covered Eko in cool dirt and sprayed him with some water.  He was good to go in no time

dog friendly las vegas

Make it to the top and you can kick back and enjoy the best view of Vegas

The climb was tougher than I expected, but the view made it totally worth the effort.  If you want to go on a less strenuous hike, there are tons of trails in the area that you can choose from.  No matter what hike you pick you will realize that it’s possible to enjoy a day in Vegas without going broke!

There is only one way to finish a tough day; a good bath, a good meal and a good nap.  Eko did exactly that and I don’t think he’s ever slept better.

dog friendly las vegas

You earned it, kid

We’re easing into the weekend by checking out a few local pet-friendly shops.  As always, If you have a favorite spot in the area, let me know.

6 thoughts on “Dog Friendly Las Vegas: Sin City’s Toughest Off-Leash Hike”

  1. Be careful in Las Vegas if Eko is not neutered, the dog nazis can literally take (arrest your dog) and its a $250 fine. You will also be extremely lucky if they dont lose him at the animal shelter.

  2. I’m curious…there are never pix of you sleeping….do you hide the camera from Eko when you crash and snooze? Thanks for keeping us entertained with your words and pix…my pack loves it when I read to them about your adventures! They worship Eko as a god…or a dog…the jury is still out….

    • Haha for the sake of humanity it’s best that any and all photos of me sprawled out on the floor or passed out on a chair never see the light of day! Trust me on that one. Thanks for following along – sharing our adventure is always the best part!

  3. I hope someone from NatGeo or the Discovery Channel sees these posts. You are a whole lot better looking, smarter and more entertaining than Chumlee. You too, Will.

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