Eko VS Echo


Camelback Mountain’s Echo Trail is nature’s version of a stairmaster.  We started our morrning with a trip to the top and are now just enjoying the view.  Can’t imagine a better way to kick off our day!



Hi, I hear you are coming to San Diego CA, try this link for information about an “all breed Lure coursing fun run May 5th in La Mesa ca.
I will be running my 2yr old Pete and his sister Clara for the 1st time (Rhodesian Ridgeback’s). since I am online, I also have to say, don’t miss Ocean Beach/dog beach at low tide it is the best!!! Balboa Park also has a large dog park..and Fiesta Island…

Katie! Yes! Thank you! We have been looking everywhere for a fun run lure course event but we keep missing them. I’ve never run Eko before either and I’m interested in getting him started. We will see you there! And I will give you a huge high five for being awesome!

As luck would have it, I found a very reasonably priced bungalow to rent for our week in San Diego and it is just a couple blocks from Dog Beach. Next week is shaping up to be the best week of Eko’s life.

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