[VIDEO] The Story Las Vegas Doesn’t Want You To Hear

Last week I wrote about all the adventures Eko and I had in Las Vegas.  Well,  almost all the adventures.  There was one particular adventure I couldn’t share with you guys until the heat was off our backs and Eko and I had put some distance between us and Sin City.

(Side note: my laptop microphone is terrible, so I’ll get an upgrade asap.  Hopefully with a new mic, the next time I narrate a video I will sound like a voiceover guy for one of those nature shows.)

So here it is – the 100% true story the casinos don’t want you to hear…

12 thoughts on “[VIDEO] The Story Las Vegas Doesn’t Want You To Hear”

  1. Jesus you people watch a funny video and all you notice is that the dog still has his balls? Yeah, Im all for spaying and neutering, but good lord lighten up and have a laugh every once in a while. Or dont. Die stressed and alone.

  2. Perhaps theyre tired of euthanizing healthy puppies whose only crime is that they are homeless. It is heartbreaking to **** a puppy that is trying to crawl into your arms for comfort. The only way to reduce this horror is to spay and neuter. Period. End of story.

  3. It sounds to me like Denise and Karen are a couple of typical bitter, man-hating, women who dream of castrating the men in their life.

  4. Thanks for your comments. Eko is still a developing puppy, and while not yet neutered, I have been discussing with my veterinarian the right time for this. Thanks for following our story and if you have any additional questions please feel free to email at willandeko@gmail.com


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