From Sea To Shining Sea

dog friendly san diego

 “Hey Will, which ocean is this?”

“The Pacific”

“That’s what I want to know.  Which specific ocean?”

“The Pacific”

“… are you gonna tell me the name of this specific ocean or not?”

Whether Eko knows it or not, our visit to Dog Beach officially means we have traversed the entire country.  Eko now has the distinction of having swam in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Indian and Artic Oceans, you are officially on notice!

We’ll be hanging here at the beach for a little longer today, but we’re staying nearby and will definitely make a daily visit.  Let me know if you’re around and want to swing by with your pup!

6 thoughts on “From Sea To Shining Sea”

    • We have plans to hit Fiesta Island and Coronado Beach, but we may have to add Del Mar Dog Beach to the rotation as well. Let me know if there is a good time for a meet up.


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