Pet Friendly Phoenix: The Pet Expo

Before we said goodbye to Phoenix, we had the chance to check out the Phoenix Pet Expo.  The Expo filled the floor of stadium with everything from rescue groups to a company selling dog treadmills.  Eko and I socialized with the local Phoenicians while taking in the spectacle.

dog friendly phoenix

We saw some dogs taking it easy

dog friendly phoenix

We saw some dogs playing

dog friendly phoenix

We saw some dogs working

dog friendly phoenix

We saw some dogs working “it”

dog friendly phoenix

And we saw some dogs that weren’t dogs at all

The highlight of our trip to the Expo was definitely Eko’s treadmill test run.  By this point in our adventure Eko can tell when I’m about to get him into some shenanigans, and he knew right away that something fishy was going on when I lead him up the treadmill.

dog friendly phoenix

“Will, what have you gotten me into this time…”

We set the treadmill to it’s lowest setting and Eko immediately tried to sprint off the machine.  After a couple minutes Eko settled into a nice jog and looked like a pro.

dog friendly phoenix

Eko working on his beach body for San Diego

There were lots of free treats and giveaways at the Expo, but there was one freebie which I took a pass on.

dog friendly phoenix

Who could resist? Me, that’s who.

Simply put, Pet Expo rocked.

This week Eko and I are setting up shop in San Diego.  Thanks to our readers we have a full week of adventure planned, but if you have any suggestions be sure to send them along.

2 thoughts on “Pet Friendly Phoenix: The Pet Expo”

  1. You have the absolute best job EVER!! And Will isn’t doing bad either! You guys rock! Thanks for bringing the smiles every day!

    • Thanks so much! Spreading smiles is definitely our #1 goal. And trust me, I have no misconceptions about who the people come to see. Eko is the best, I’m just along for the ride!

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