Dog Friendly San Diego: There’s No Place Like Home

Eko and I have stayed in just about every type of pet-friendly hotel, motel and B&B this country has to offer, but this week we’re staying somewhere completely new.  For the same price as a hotel in downtown San Diego I was able to rent a bungalow one block from the beach.  The one bedroom pet-friendly rental has all the comforts of home and it is a wonderful alternative to a hotel.

dog friendly san diego

Our humble abode

As if life couldn’t get better for Eko, the beach we happen to live fifty feet away from is none other than Dog Beach, one of San Diego’s best dog beaches.  Each of the past two days our morning walk has been replaced with a morning romp on the beach.

dog friendly san diego

Dog Beach has been a place for dogs to run wild for over forty years

dog friendly san diego

Dogs and surfers unite in their love of going wild in the waves at Dog Beach

dog friendly san diegoIf you’re brave enough, you can play chicken on the sand bar

dog friendly san diego

And there is plenty of room for your dog to play in the sand

dog friendly san diego

“I must have died, because this has to be heaven.”

Eko would probably be content spending the week between our house and Dog Beach, but there are so many other great places in San Diego that we need to check out.  Today we’re off to Fiesta Island, another one of the area’s popular off leash parks.  There are also tons of dog friendly restaurants around, so we’ll have to stop by one  for lunch.

10 thoughts on “Dog Friendly San Diego: There’s No Place Like Home”

  1. i love your rental house…..where is this place?? I am so jealous. My Chancer and I are looking for a place. any suggestions?

    • The bungalow was amazing! We were literally a block off dog beach and we had one of the best weeks of our entire trip. I would check out VRBO rentals, you can sort by pet-friendly listings and there are a number of great spots in the Ocean Beach area where we stayed. Do it, you’ll have a blast!

  2. Wyatt is super jealous! Hes only been in one ocean (and a couple seas)!! But at least hes hit it from both sides )

    • Wyatt has to be one of the most cultured dogs out there – not many pups make a transatlantic trip and live in both Europe and the States.

    • Eko considers himself a Renaissance dog, so of course he sampled the Pacific. One sip was more than enough to dissuade him from any future tastings!

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