Dog Friendly San Diego: Fiesta Island

Just up the road from Dog Beach, Fiesta Island is yet another great off-leash area in San Diego.  I’m not sure if the city was trying to sound worldly by having a Spanish name for the island, but I prefer to call the place what it is – Party Island.

Dog Beach is great if you are in the mood to watch your dog romp, but if you want to get in on the action then you should make the drive out to Party Island.  The trails around the park are perfect for a run.  The park also has a number of smaller beaches for dogs to play on as well.  If you are at all nervous about letting your dog off-leash, Fiesta Island is a great place to practice; it’s an island – your dog can’t escape!

dog friendly san diego

Though you can’t see it in this photo, I actually do have two legs

While on Fiesta Island Eko made time for a few glamour shots

dog friendly san diego

Eko thought he was a big tough guy for taking on a five month old pup

dog friendly san diego

But luckily we found a lady Ridgeback to keep him in check!

Part beach, part dog park and part trail, Party Island offers a fun mix that both you and your pup will love.

7 thoughts on “Dog Friendly San Diego: Fiesta Island”

  1. HI Will and Eko, We are ready for you Sat 9:30am at the Lure fun run… I hope we have a chance to let the dogs play… Pete and Clara are wild together. Katie

    • Absolutely, I’m pumped for a fun morning and I’m hoping Eko takes to luring coursing. See you there!

    • Yup, but unfortunately she gave him a bum number. When it comes to luck with women, Eko takes after his dad!

  2. I love the glam shot. What a great dog. I think he would even like my little 13 lb Terripoo. I know I love him . Looking at all the great dog parks I wish we had one. Our town has no dog park so I envy all these places.

    • Eko loves playing with little dogs – I’m not sure that he realizes how big he is. Thanks for checking out the blog!

  3. Dude:
    You and Mr. Eko are way more popular than I am. You guys are the feel good story of the year. My dog is totally lame and eats loser Alpo food. (Government contract . . . $68.50 per can.) Its a Congressional district thing. It funds a GSA party thing.

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