Dog Friendly San Diego: Treats For All

After chasing Mr. Eko around in the sun all day yesterday, I had the good fortune to stumble upon Lighthouse Ice Cream, home of the famous hot waffle ice cream sandwich.

dog friendly san diego

While I cooled off with some ice cream, I figured Eko would cool off with some water from the bowl in front of the shop…

dog friendly san diego

…but then I discovered this freezer inside the store!  I had never heard of Frosty Paws, but I had a sneaking suspicion that Eko might enjoy one

dog friendly san diego

Not surprisingly, I was right. So while I enjoyed a famous and delicious waffle sandwich, Eko lapped up his own frozen treat

dog friendly san diego

Eko insisted I tilt the cup so that he could get every last drop

Between the waffle sandwiches and the FrostyPaws, Lighthouse Ice Cream has everything to take care of you and your pup on a hot day.  So after you hit the beach, make sure Lighthouse Ice Cream is your next stop!

6 thoughts on “Dog Friendly San Diego: Treats For All”

  1. The corgis in PA always look forward to their birthday (and their “siblings” birthdays) so that they get to celebrate with Frosty Paws!

    Hope you’re having a great time Will & Eko 🙂

    • We’re a block from Dog Beach and two blocs away from an ice cream shop that sells waffle sandwiches and Frosty Paws, life is good!

  2. Frosty Paws are wonderful! My Little Man, Champ enjoys them so much! It is great that an ice cream shop sells them so EVERYONE can enjoy a cold treat on a hot day!!!!

    • I have no idea how I’ve never seen Frosty Paws before, but Eko loved them so I will definitely stock up as soon as we aren’t living out of a car.

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