Dog Friendly San Diego: The Dog Wash

Eko and I walked down to Dog Beach last night and got to watch a beautiful sunset.  Well, I watched the sunset, Eko and some friends spent their time romping.

dog friendly san diego

Eko was hoping he might be able to be a late entry in tomorrow’s Kentucky Derby

dog friendly san diego

The sunset made this boxer pup so emotional that she just had to give Eko a hug

dog friendly san diegoWe took in the last light of the day from a higher vantage point

As we left the beach I didn’t need any light to see how filthy Eko was.  Dog Beach is amazing, but inevitably all dogs leave with about five pounds of sand attached to their coats.  Until last night my solution to the problem was chasing Mr. Eko around our lawn with a garden hose.  While I’m sure the neighbors enjoyed the spectacle, my cleaning method was not highly effective, so last night I opted to walk down the block to Dog Wash.

dog friendly san diego

If you miss the sign for Dog Wash, you need your eyes checked

dog friendly san diegoNot even puppy dog eyes could save the Sandy Bandit from his fate

dog friendly san diego

This photo captured our faces at the exact moment Eko and I both realized that the guy behind us was washing skunk spray off his dog

By the time I finished cleaning Eko up it felt like I had blasted about half of the sand at Dog Beach off his coat.  Dog Wash has a ton of different pricing options, so you can get your pup everything from a simple rinse to a full spa treatment.  Dog Wash is also just a couple blocks off the beach so you can take your dog before you get into your car.  Hit Dog Beach, hit Dog Wash then grab a Frosty Paw down the street and your dog will have the best day of all time.

I sprung for some oatmeal conditioner so at this very moment Eko is the most perfectly clean and soft that he has ever been in his entire life. And what am I going to do with my very clean puppy today?  Sure, I could try and keep him clean, but if you’re not getting dirty it’s not a real adventure.  We’ll always have time for another bath, but we only have this one opportunity to surf!

Yes, you read that last sentence correctly.  Eko has a surfing lesson this afternoon at Coronado Dog Beach.  If you’re around and want to see a Ridgeback hang ten (or is it hang twenty?) then swing by the beach around 1 pm.  I’ll be sure to post a bunch of photos ASAP – I have a feeling this adventure is going to be one of our best ever.

2 thoughts on “Dog Friendly San Diego: The Dog Wash”

  1. Totally enjoyed the blog and the pix. Million thanks. You two looking more and more like one another, the expressions at least. Good thing Eko got short, short hair, imagine a golden retriever with sand in its hair!!! Can’t wait to see the post/pix of Eko’s surfing excursion!


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