Marking Our Territory Goes Hollywood

Hollywood is known for its trendy people, but Eko and I discovered that the city’s dogs also do their best to wear the season’s latest styles.  (Full Disclosure: I have no idea what the phrase “the season’s latest styles” actually means, I just heard it on TV once).  We stopped by the D.O.G Pet Boutique to take a look at what the hottest dogs in Hollywood are wearing.

dog friendly los angeles

Even the fire hydrants in LA have style

dog friendly los angeles

From the looks of things, dogs in LA dress better than I do

dog friendly los angeles

And smell better than I do too! That’s right folks, there is actually a cologne for dogs

It turns out that all the hottest dogs in Hollywood are 1/16 the size of Eko because there wasn’t a thing in the store that would fit him.  I told him not to worry about it – ridges are always in style in my book.  Eko is always more concerned with eating than fashion, so I picked out a few treats before we left and he was as happy as could be.

Our next stop was Hollywood Boulevard.  Like a lot of popular tourist destinations we have visited, Hollywood Boulevard is extremely crowded, so you should only bring your pup with you if he/she is comfortable navigating in traffic.  That said, you won’t be disappointed by what you see if you do make the trip.

dog friendly los angeles

Just a transformer casually hanging out on the boulevard 

dog friendly los angeles

Look, it’s Jamie Foxx! The wax version, but hey, you take what you can get 

Hollywood was fun, but well, it’s a bit too hollywood for our tastes! We’ll leave the fake adventures to the actors, we have real ones we need to get to! Today Eko and I are going to stretch our legs with a run on Manhattan Beach and then plan our next move – suggestions welcome!

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