From Sea(l) To Shining Sea(l)


Mr. Eko has met quite a number of different species during our time on the road, but I don’t think anything could have prepared him to be fifteen feet from hundreds of migratory Elephant Seals.  The look of total confusion on Eko’s face was priceless.

We’re driving up the scenic Pacific Coast Highway today and I have taken a bunch of great photos that I will post as soon as I have a computer again.  I’m following some friendly advice and not attempting to turn on my coffee-ized laptop until tomorrow night.

3 thoughts on “From Sea(l) To Shining Sea(l)”

    • It was really incredible to see the seals up close – Eko was so overwhelmed by the seal yelps that even if he had been off leash I don’t think he would have gotten any closer.

  1. Will Eko:
    Its been a few years since Ive been to San Francisco, but there was a luxury yacht marina that was taken over by hundreds of either seals or sea lions or both. Ultimately, the millionaire yacht owners were evicted by the seals. Its near Fishermans Wharf (Woof?) and it sounded like a huge dog fight blocks away due to the hundreds of seals barking.
    While at Fishermans Wharf, try the Sand Dabs. (Its a type of local fish.)


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