Do You Believe In Miracles!?!? Yes!!

As I watched what seemed like gallons of coffee pour onto my laptop on Friday morning, I was certain that it would never turn on again.  Thanks to some sage advice from a number of readers I dried out all the components over the weekend, and voila, we are back in business, baby!  Sure my laptop now permanently smells like a Starbucks, but it’s a small price to pay for a miraculous recovery.

We had a whirlwind weekend winding our way up from Los Angeles to San Francisco along the beautiful Pacific Coast Highway.  Take a deep breath and see if you can keep up with this rapid fire rundown of what we’ve been up to!

dog friendly los angeles

No, this photo is not the result of an Eko cloning experiment.  On Thursday afternoon we met up with Marci, a local LA resident and Ridgeback owner.  I met Marci thanks to Barbara, another Ridgeback owner who posted on the blog.  Marci also happens to be a casting director, so hopefully she can get Eko a part in the next blockbuster she casts for!

dog friendly los angeles

On our our way out of LA LA we stopped by Three Dog Bakery and saw this for sale. Did I have any idea what it was? No. Did I buy it? Obviously. Turns out that it’s just pure beef broth with some glucosamine and vitamins – Eko loves it as a treat!

dog friendly california

 Before we hit the Pacific Coast Highway we spent Friday Night in Morro Bay at the Bayfront Inn.  They really knew how to make their guests, both human and canine, feel right at home

dog friendly california

The squirrels in Morro Bay were entirely unconcerned that Eko was just a few bounds away from their Friday night dinner party. Luckily for them I had a tight grip on the leash

dog friendly dining california

Gracious as always, Eko allowed me to join him for dinner at Dockside Too in Morro Bay

dog friendly dining california

I need to figure out where Dockside gets its signs

dog friendly californiaWe started off Saturday with a trip to the Morro Bay Dog Beach – you can see Morro Rock half-lost in the morning fog.  I managed to momentarily subdue Eko for this stoic shot…

dog friendly beach california

…and then he went right back to his usual happy-faced romping

dog friendly california

Our next stop was the Elephant Seal Rookery. Although it appeared like these seals may have partied a bit too hard the night before, we learned that they were actually just resting before their northern migration.

dog friendly california

“Hey seals, meet me at dog beach!”

dog friendly californiaIt may take longer to drive the Pacific Coast Highway, but the views are well worth it.  The road had plenty of points where you can pull over and get some amazing photos. 

dog friendly california

The views are so incredible that you’ll just feel like hugging the nearest creature

And so after an adventurous few days we find ourselves in San Francisco.  The first order of business is to buy an external hard drive so I won’t have to worry about losing all my data again.  After that, we’re off to find the best Bay Area pet-friendly adventures.  We’re finishing up our time in California this week, so if you have any last minute suggestions be sure to let me know.

5 thoughts on “Do You Believe In Miracles!?!? Yes!!”

  1. So glad to hear your computer turned out to be coffee-proof! Your trip up the coast looks a-mazing. Admit it, don’t you and Eko want to live here now? 🙂

    • We are having the time of our lives on the left coast, it is definitely going to be tough to pull ourselves away!

  2. It was a blast meeting you, Emily and Mr. Eko. Juma is still recovering from being hit on continuously by Mr. Eko!
    Feel free to follow me on Twitter @marciliroff

  3. If you drive up Highway 1, stop by the town of Pescadero, there is a good eatery called Duartes Tavern. Then after, you can hit up one of beaches with Mr. Eko. There is a hidden beach where you basically have the whole thing to yourself.

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