Dog Friendly San Francisco: Cable Car Living

So I have good news and bad news.  The bad news is that my run of bad luck with technology continues.  Unlike the coffee incident with my laptop, this time it wasn’t my fault!  The lens on my camera won’t retract and until I can get it fixed all my photos will have to be taken on my phone.  The good news is that before my camera died I was able to snap a few photos from our cable car adventure.

Dogs are welcome on San Francisco’s historic cable cars during off-peak hours.  You have to pay for your pup to ride, but the experience is well worth it.

dog friendly san francisco

 You can hop on the cable cars at any intersection with one of these signs

dog friendly san francisco

Eko happily hopped on board, but when he looked down the hill he had second thoughts about whether he wanted to go for a ride

dog friendly san francisco

Yeah, that hill

dog friendly san francisco

We made it safely to the bottom of Hyde Street and took in the sights at Fisherman’s Wharf

Eko also got the chance to play Super Dog on our ride down to the wharf.  As we boarded the car, we ended up next to a little girl who was crying because she was scared by the shaking of the car.  When she saw Eko, she pet him, he licked her hand and she was happy as could be.  The cable car ride was a blast, and if your dog doesn’t mind the excitement you should definitely bring him or her along.  You never know, your pup just might save the day!

On our way home we swung by Allyne Park to meet up with a couple friends I used to work with and their new pup Quincy.  I only had time to snap one photo, but one photo was all Quincy needed to give me the “Yeah, I’m in charge of this park” look.

dog friendly san francisco

Quincy has some serious swagger

We have to make it all the way to Portland for our next stop, so after we visit Muir Beach National Park today we’re going to hit the road.  We’ll stop for the night in Northern California and we should make it to Portland on Friday night.  I have heard great things about Portland, so if you’re in that area be sure to let me know your favorite spot to go with your pet!

10 thoughts on “Dog Friendly San Francisco: Cable Car Living”

  1. Can you tell me about Eko’s leash/halter that attaches over his head? My almost 2 year old RR “puppy” wears a Sensation Harness that is great, but I don’t think I have ever seen a dog wearing anything like Eko has on here. Thanks, and keep those posts and photos coming!
    -MaryAnn & Rudy the RR

    • Thanks for checking out the blog, MaryAnn! Most of the time, Eko is good to walk on his normal collar, but when I know we are going to be in crowded areas or in a novel environment I use the Gentle Leader, which is the lead you see in the photos. There are plenty of places that can give you a more in-depth overview of how the Gentle Leader works, but basically it operates like reins on a horse. The lead applies gentle pressure to Eko’s nose and I find it extremely effective and reassuring if we’re trying out something new and I want to make sure I have Eko’s full attention at all times. It is not at all like a muzzle, Eko can still open his mouth to drink and eat treats. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any questions.

  2. Can you tell me about Eko’s leash/halter attaches over his head? My almost 2 year old RR puppy wears a Sensation Harness that is great, but I’ve never seen anything like Eko has on. It’s not a “Halti,” is it? Thanks.

  3. We lived in Portland for a year. Loved it–
    Our Shiba loved Portland too. You probably already know that Portland is extremely dog friendly. When you are there Mt. Tabor is a great place to check out also check out All for Paws on NW 23rd and The Hip Hound also on NW 23rd. I miss Portland so much. Enjoy your trip!

    • It sounds like you guys live in all the coolest places – I have heard only great things about Portland. Thanks so much for the info, we’ll definitely make both those stops. I’ll also have to scour your blog for some other good spots. Thanks for sharing.

  4. “Yeah, I’m in charge of this park” look of Quincy made me lol when I scrolled down and saw the pic of Quincy!! Hilarious. I wonder if all that smell of the sea and sea food made Eko woozey? Hope you guys had some dry sunny days while in SF.

    • Quincy had me cracking up! As we all know and Quincy reminded us, it’s not the size of the dog in the fight that counts. Eko’s motto is that if it’s edible, he’ll eat it and if it’s inedible…he’ll eat it. Eko didn’t mind the fish, but it definitely took us both a minute to believe that the cable car wouldn’t fall down the slope. SF is great, I wish we didn’t have to cut the week short, but we must press on!

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