Dog Friendly Seattle: Cedarbrook Lodge

Eko and I usually set up shop each week in the heart of the city we’re visiting but on occasion it’s nice to stay somewhere low-key.  This week we found the perfect spot to kick back and relax after an adventure – The Cedarbrook Lodge.  Tucked behind a residential area just a few minutes south of the airport, Cedarbrook offers a more serene alternative to downtown hotels.  Our morning walks usually involve dodging rush hour traffic, but the path around the landscaped Cedarbrook grounds has made our mornings quieter.  I definitely don’t mind not sprinting across four lanes of traffic to beat a stoplight.

For those traveling with a dog, Cedarbrook places you in a convenient first floor room near one of the exits.  The room will be stocked with bowls, treats and a bed for your pup.  And about that bed…

dog friendly seattle

Cedarbrook may have slightly underestimated what size bed Eko uses, but it’s the thought that counts!

Cedarbrook’s restaurant, Copperleaf, has pet-friendly patio seating.  Not only that, but they have a special “Puppy Pantry” menu so your four-legged companion can dine in style with you.

dog friendly seattle

I ordered this nice little chicken and rice appetizer….for Eko! I couldn’t believe this treat was not on the human menu.

dog friendly seattle

Eko couldn’t believe it either!  He thought it was too good to be true.  Usually when I give him the “take it” command he dives on the food.  This time though he just stared at me trying to figure out what the trick was.  No trick, just a top notch treat.

dog friendly seattle

I finally convinced Eko that the treat was his and he happily gobbled it all up.  Well not all of it…

dog friendly seattle

Turns out that your kids not eating their vegetables is a cross-species problem for parents

dog friendly seattle

While I finished lunch, Eko enjoyed the view from the patio

On our walk back to the room, Eko spied a toy that no one else was playing with.

dog friendly seattle

“Come on, I think I might be good!”

dog friendly seattle

Eko said he was going to try his paw at playing some ragtime.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him that the piano wasn’t designed for creatures without opposable thumbs.  Luckily, I caught a break…

dog friendly seattle

I told Eko that I really wanted to hear him play, but unfortunately we had to follow the rules.  

We’re always on the go, so I doubly appreciate the quiet comfort offered at the Cedarbrook Lodge.  After a day of work or play, Cedarbrook has everything you need to take it easy with your pup.  Check it out!


Will, Congrats to you and Eko for being such great representatives of both dogs and dog people! As Ekos breeder you two desevre your own A.W.E.S.O.M.E. award! Have a safe trip back home!

Thanks John! Eko’s good looks have carried the team, so we owe you big time. See you in a couple months.

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