The Long March East

Yesterday was a travel day (though I guess all our days are kind of travel days) so nothing new to report this morning.  Instead I’ll just share this photo of Eko looking like a dinosaur back in Montana.

dog friendly montana

Little known fact: Eko was used as a velociraptor in Jurassic Park

Today we’re visiting Mount Rushmore and seeing what else the Rapid City area has to offer.  After that, it is back to the road and on to our new home!

6 thoughts on “The Long March East”

  1. I just have a question for you…..believe me I have nothing against Chicago….but, after all the beautiful country you two have trekked through…..WHY CHICAGO?

    • And Dottie, there are a number of reasons why I love the Windy City (friends, family, etc) but the short answer is that my boss (girlfriend) lives there!

    • Jessica, want to know my secret to a well behaved dog? I only post the photos where Eko is actually behaving! It’s nice having that luxury, but anyone who has met Eko can tell you that he’s quite happy to be mischievous.


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