Why Chicago?

Eko and I have visited just about every major city in the country on our road trip, so the first question people asked when we decided to settle down was, “Why Chicago?” I could say that I chose Chicago because it combines all the best parts of a city with all the best parts of the beach/outdoors.  Or I could say that I moved to Chicago because I have family and friends who live here.  But the truth is that I moved to Chicago because my doctor recommended it.

I should probably mention that my doctor is my girlfriend!  Eko had no choice, he was stuck with me from the beginning, but Emily actually chooses to hang out with me (I’m not sure why, but I don’t ask any questions).  Emily was also the one behind the scenes who supported our road trip with encouragement and enthusiasm.  She also got to visit us a couple of times which definitely helped keep me sane. Eko is a great listener, but he’s not much of a conversationalist.

dog friendly chicago

Emily met us in New Orleans for Mardi Gras

Emily supported us and now that she is about to start her residency in Chicago, we are here supporting her.  It also happens that Chicago is an amazing city with plenty of opportunities for adventurers.  This past weekend Eko and I started to get familiar with our new home.

dog friendly chicago

Eko was amazingly helpful unpacking my stuff

dog friendly chicago

New city, same Eko. We found a dog beach for romping just a mile from the apartment 

dog friendly chicago

The lake is also a beautiful place to go for a walk or run

dog friendly chicago

And most importantly, Eko discovered where he can sunbathe in the apartment

dog friendly chicago

“Will, I think Chicago is going to work out just fine”

This week Eko and I are getting the apartment set up (I’m currently writing this post while sitting on a box) and exploring the neighborhood to find the best pet-friendly spots in the area.  Chicago may be our new home, but it’s also a popular travel destination so I want to make sure you know all the best places to visit with your pet!

12 thoughts on “Why Chicago?”

  1. Awwww… I knew I’d be hooked on this story of friendship… and I am. I am going to share a link of your blog with my friends – they have a big dog, and something tells me they will love following yours and Eko’s story!:)

  2. Have fun their boys. It’s a great city. I spent many vacations there as a little kid when I lived in Iowa. Themba, his little Boston brother Salem, Brian, and I will deffinatly meet up with you guys when we come out to visit the city.

    Sunday starts our adventure to south Carolina with the dogs. We’re staying in myrtle beach but taking a day trip to charleston to let the pups and Brian see the beautiful city. I’ll post pictures on twitter of our adventures.

    • Thanks! We’ve been here less than a week and We’re both loving it. Definitely drop me a line if you come out and we can hit the beach or go to the park. As you know SC is a blast – let me know if you make it to Charleston.

  3. Dude:
    Why Chicago? You just needed the picture of the lovely Emily. Ever hear of the mathematical equation . . . one picture is worth a thousand words? Well a picture of Emily is enuff said.
    Happy trails!

    • Exactly! I’m a dummy, but I ain’t no fool! I know when I have it good. I got a great dog and a great girl – my life is the opposite of a country song.

  4. Will, glad that you found your “home”, she’s a lovely lady!! It probably will be tough for Eko to ‘settle’ down in one place but he has you and Emily now and may be he’s happy about this -No more long car rides!!

    • Thanks, Tur! Eko now has the best of both worlds – adventure every day without the long car rides in between. I can already tell Chicago is going to work out great.

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