What Is Eko Thinking?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to read someone’s mind?  Or thought about what it would feel like to know exactly what someone was thinking?  Well, here’s your shot!  Though I have a feeling you won’t need superpowers to guess what Eko was thinking about last night…

dog friendly chicago

Dog on a mission

As you can see, adventuring really works up an appetite, so today we’re going to swing by a few local pet stores to check out what kind of treats they have to offer a hardworking pup.

I tested out the Ekocam 5000™ this weekend and got some pretty good footage.  I have to work on stabilizing the camera a bit better, but I’ll post some video later this week once I’ve cut it all together.  It should be fun to see our adventure from Eko’s point of view!

1 thought on “What Is Eko Thinking?”

  1. Hey you two. Can’t wait to see what videos you take Eko. Check out our twitter to see out pet friendly adventures in Myrtle Beach. Still throwing the idea around about going to Charleston.


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