Photos From The Road (Part 1)

The bad news is that the indoor dog park we tried to visit yesterday apparently shut down a while back.  The good news is that while Eko munched on a Frosty Paw on our porch, I had time to look back at some of the great adventures we had on the road.  It was fun to relive all of our best moments without having to do any of the driving!  Whether you have been following our journey since day one or you hopped on sometime later on, I think you’ll enjoy taking a look back at some of the stops on our trip.

It wasn’t easy, but I picked one photo from each city we visited and included a caption and a link to the post it was originally from.  Below are some of my favorite moments from Philadelphia through Memphis with links to some of the best posts and videos.  Enjoy!

dog friendly philadelphia

Our tour kicked off with a visit to the National Dog Show.  Eko was Best In Show…in my heart at least!  Check out our slideshow from the event. 

dog friendly vermont

Armed with his new jacket Eko had no problem taking on the snow in Vermont

dog friendly montreal

We rode through Montreal in style

dog friendly boston

One of these ducks in Boston was not like the others

dog friendly new hampshire

Eko tried his paws on the ice in New Hampshire – take a look at our behind the scenes video to see what life is like on the road.

dog friendly maine

We took a ride on the Polar Express in Maine and Eko got to audition as a reindeer in front of the big man himself

dog friendly providence

It was December, but it sure didn’t feel like winter in Providence, RI

dog friendly new york city

We linked up with a film crew and took NYC by storm!  Check out the video here – it’s one of my favorites.

dog friendly washington dc

What kind of dog would mail himself as a present from Washington, DC?  Only the Most Incredible Dog In The World

dog friendly charleston

Our adventure didn’t stop at land’s edge – we hit the high seas on a kayak in Charleston

dog friendly atlanta

Eko was all smiles in Atlanta

dog friendly nashville

Your trip to Nashville isn’t complete without a photo with the King!

dog friendly st. louis

Two dobermans riding a tandem bike attached to a crank-wheel music player?  Just another Beggin’ Pet Parade in St. Louis.  This one of a kind event is a must see!

dog friendly memphis

Eko turned 1 in Memphis and we celebrated in style

Check back for Part 2 tomorrow, I’ll post my favorite photos and videos from New Orleans to Chicago.

Did I miss any favorite photo or moment of yours?  Let me know!

4 thoughts on “Photos From The Road (Part 1)”

  1. Will Eko:

    Without question your finest video was the Oceans Eleven take-down of the Vegas casinos by master blackjack whale, Mr. Eko. It was high drama at the tables and you could cut the tension during the big hand with a rusty Ginsu.
    Party On!


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