[VIDEO] Welcome To Chicago!

New home, new camera, new adventure. Same crazy Eko.

We spent the past couple weeks exploring our new city, visiting local parks, shops, beaches and more.  It’s only been two weeks, but we’ve visited some amazing places and met some great people.  Best of all, Eko got a job!  Eko carried our camera to give you a dog eye’s view of the Windy City.  Check it out!


18 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Welcome To Chicago!”

  1. What a life! Ears floppin in the wind, tail wagging, running with the pack and having your best friend by your side through it all!
    Enjoy the journey!

  2. Nice looking Ridgeback I also have ridgebacks 2 Zulu and Oberon Zulu is more social than Obie in fact we went to the grand canyon and I think they took more pics of Zulu than the canyon! It is truly fun to travel with your dog. Would not have it any other way thanks for your blog!!!

    • I’m with you, dogs are the ultimate adventure machines! Thanks for checking out the video – great ridgeback names by the way.


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