Dog Friendly Chicago: Summer Lives At Humboldt Park

A few miles west of downtown Chicago, Humboldt Park is a green oasis hidden in an urban desert.  The rolling fields of Humboldt are home to a lake for swimming, a lagoon for fishing and miles of trails running alongside historic buildings and manicured formal gardens.  Humboldt Park is a beautiful place to take your dog to get some peace from the bustle of the city.  As we found out today, a trip to Humboldt is a quintessential summer experience.

dog friendly chicago

As always, Eko was looking for trouble

dog friendly chicago

As you walk through the park you’ll see kids learning to fish, bike, swim and play baseball.  It’s all the best parts of summer rolled into one

dog friendly chicago

It’s over ninety degrees in Chicago, but Eko knows how to stay cool.  He’s mastered the art of drinking from my Camelbak.  

dog friendly chicago

Eko demonstrating his water-drinking skills 

dog friendly chicago

If they let us in the formal garden, they’ll let anyone in!

dog friendly chicago

After an hour and half at Humboldt Park, Eko was tired and hot, but happy as could be

By the looks of it Eko is going to be sleeping on top of the air conditioning vent for the rest of the day, but despite the heat we had a blast at Humboldt Park.  The best adventures are always the ones you have to work to find, so I’m glad I took the time to dig and find this hidden Chicago gem.

4 thoughts on “Dog Friendly Chicago: Summer Lives At Humboldt Park”

  1. I’ve been to Chicago many times since I have relations there but I’ve never been to that park, nice to get a good tip for next time. I’m so happy it’s dog friendly too. You’re so photogenic Eko have a good snooze!

    • Eko’s handsomeness is portable which is an infinite help in our line of work – thanks for checking in!

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