Mr. Eko’s Tips To Keep Cool

The temperature in Chicago continues to hang around ninety and it looks like many other parts of the country are in for a hot holiday as well.  Just like you, your pet is always looking for ways to cool off, so I thought it would be good to share some of Eko’s favorite ways to beat the heat.

1. Ice is a pet’s best friend

dog friendly chicago

Eko loves a few ice cubes in his water after a long walk in the heat

dog friendly chicago

He also loves to take the ice in the shade under the table

dog friendly chicago

Remember, cooler heads always prevail, so make sure to give your pet some ice!

2. Frosty Paws

dog friendly chicago

Simply put, Eko is obsessed with Frosty Paws – they are the perfect frozen treat on a hot day!

3. Freeze frame

dog friendly chicago

Eko likes to stick his head in the freezer for a quick cool off, but its not great for my energy bill or my frozen food, so I wouldn’t recommend this one!

3. AC Addict

dog friendly chicago

On a hot day, I can almost always find Eko face planted on the air conditioning vent.  Why let the AC come to you when you can go right to the source?  But sometimes just the vent isn’t enough for Eko so he’s developed a prototype product to enhance the cool down experience

dog friendly chicago

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Portable AC Enhancer for dogs.  Let’s see how it works.

dog friendly chicago

Step 1: Place the enhancer over the vent

dog friendly chicago

Step 2: Stick your head in and enjoy the full blast from the vent!

6. And if nothing else works…

dog friendly chicago

Eko is happy to turn down the AC when I’m not looking

Hope you and your pet stay cool!

7 thoughts on “Mr. Eko’s Tips To Keep Cool”

  1. That was hilarious! We do the ice things and the vent thing (all the labs anyway), but the enhancer? GENIUS!!!!! My pack says we simply must give that a try!! Mr. Eko, you are amazing (Will isn’t half bad either!)!!! Thanks for the giggles! Dana and the pack…

  2. these are way to cute!!! we’ve been having over 108 temp 2 weeks straight, some days were over 112, so i probably will try the portable AC enhancer for myself.

    • I’m with you! Eko and I have been taking turns on the vent – it is going to be one hot week.

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