Tricks Of The Trade

The heatwave in Chicago hasn’t broken yet, but Eko and I kept busy today by making a video of all the tricks I’ve taught Eko.  I have a feeling there might be a few in there you haven’t seen before…

Check it out and let me know if your pup knows any cool tricks for Eko to learn.

7 thoughts on “Tricks Of The Trade”

  1. When I did hospice pet therapy work with my ridgeback the favorite trick she did was to wave goodby. We had that on cue, when I wagged my little finger at her. My current ridgeback will “give me five” rapidly with alternating paws. I also taught a magic trick of “which paw?”. I’d hold a treat and pass it back and forth from hand to hand, with Zomba watching. Then I’d put my hands behind my back, and ask her to choose the hand that held the treat. She always got it right. Why? I always put it in my left hand. But people were amazed. Unless they saw the trick more than once! “Paws up” was a good trick for pet therapy work (it means put your paws gently on the bed) but it was useful other times as well. She would put her paws on me, on a chair, step, whatever. “Be Friendly” means advance to the new person and show interest. A good trick for most ridgebacks, who are rather aloof with strangers. And of course, “give a bow”, after demonstrating a bunch of neat tricks.

    • All those tricks sound amazing, Linda – I also especially love “which paw?” – I might have to teach Eko that one! Thanks for sharing


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