There’s No Place Like Home

Ten months and 13,000+ miles later, Eko and I finally made it back to where our little adventure began.  I thought all the months of hotel living might have made Eko forget about his old digs, but as soon as I opened the car door I could see that Eko knew exactly where we were.  Eko rushed through the front door and pounced on Scout, my mom’s dog, and the two of them immediately began making up for lost play time.

Eko might not have got his paw prints in the walk of fame in Hollywood, but he was given a star’s welcome back in NJ.

dog friendly road trip

The superstar got the royal welcome along with a snazzy new dog door

dog friendly road trip

I managed to get Scout and Eko to take a break long enough for me to snap a photo of the long lost friends reunited

dog friendly road trip

Don’t worry, that’s not Scout!  It’s just Molly, Eko’s favorite stuffed toy from when he was a puppy

dog friendly road trip

In all our travels, Eko never met a baby, so he was extremely interested in our friend’s daughter.  The two of them had a pretty serious staring contest as they tried to figured out what exactly the other one was. 

Eko and I had the opportunity to visit some amazing new places in the past year, but for once it was great to visit the place we know best – home!



Wyatt wants to know when Ekos coming over to play … he got his hair did today just in case you bring the camera!! ) Welcome back guys!!

Awesome! It’s always nice to have big friends – I was cracking up at the photo of Wyatt taking over the bottom of the steps. We definitely have to set up something soon, I’ll be in NJ through at least the end of next weekend

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