What To Expect When You’re Expecting (To Travel With Your Pet) – Part 2

Yesterday, I put together a list of some basic steps you should take to prepare for a trip with your pet.  Everything I listed in that post is straightforward and practical, but there are plenty of unexpected challenges on any adventure that require a bit of creative thinking to solve.  After traveling across the country with Eko, I learned a few important and unconventional lessons that every pet-friendly adventurer should know.

Dog friendly road trip

Here are my top ten tips for traveling with your pup:

  1. Make sure your dog is entertained and happy in your hotel room. The amount your dog barks is directly proportional to the number of friends you’ll make during your stay.
  2. Traveling with a dog is like traveling with a celebrity, everyone wants a piece of them.  Budget extra time in your schedule, you’ll never make it out of the hotel lobby without someone wanting to pet your dog.
  3. Always let those people pet your dog.  Dogs are 100% proven to make people smile and feel better when they pet them, so spread the love!
  4. Don’t over plan your trip.  Dogs laugh at plans. You have to be flexible.
  5. Don’t pack anything you value in the same bag as dog treats.  Dogs don’t have the most discerning of palates.
  6. If you value your sanity, exercise your dog before any long car rides. You will lose your patience well before they will lose their commitment to whining at you because they’re bored.
  7. Traveling with a dog has been known to cause excessive smiling, so don’t forget to bring a camera to capture all the great times you’ll have.
  8. Make unexpected stops.  In between two planned destinations, find a dog park, a hike or just a unique place to visit that isn’t on your itinerary.  Both you and your pup will appreciate the chance to stretch your legs.  Some of our best adventures were completely unplanned.
  9. Don’t be afraid to politely ask, “Can my dog come with me?”  Many stores, outdoor museums and other destinations don’t specifically cater to our four legged buddies, but there were countless such places that happily welcomed Eko.  If you have a polite pup, you will be surprised at how many doors open up to them.
  10. Embrace the adventure!  Sure, traveling with your dog requires a bit more coordination, but the effort will always be rewarded with a trip that’s more fun, exciting and memorable.

Hope these tips are helpful to any future travelers out there.  If you have any questions you can always email me at willandeko@gmail.com, and if you have your own tips please share them here!

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