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Eko and I swung by the local dog park in NJ where Eko used to romp as a puppy.  During our visit, we noticed that all of the equipment Eko loved to play on as a pup seemed a bit different.

dog friendly road trip

“I could have sworn this tunnel was a mile long…”

dog friendly road trip

“I used to fit under this thing!”

dog friendly adventure

“Are you sure this is the same jump?”

The park was the same, but Eko may be a tiny bit bigger than he used to be.  Well, just like Eko, has grown quite a bit in the last year, so all the equipment (aka coding for the site) needs a look over.  While I am the CAO (Chief Adventure Officer) for Petcentric, I know nothing about running a website, so we’re going to let the pros handle that one.

Unfortunately, while the pros kick the tires (can you tell I know nothing?) it means that I won’t be able to update the blog.  But never fear!  You can still follow our adventure on Facebook and satiate your appetite for adventure by checking out our YouTube page.

We’ll be back in action in no time, but feel free to email us at so we don’t get lonely!

2 thoughts on “Please Stay Tuned For Your Regularly Scheduled Blogging”

  1. That’s so true, I had to go vote at a Grade School not to long ago and I was shocked at how low the water fountains were on the wall. Eko you’re such a good sport while daddy takes look so funny under that bridge.


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