Windy City Bandit

We’re home!  Well, we just left our old home and got back to our new home after we had left our new home to visit our old home.  Glad that’s cleared up.  We were on the road for about thirteen hours yesterday, but thankfully Eko still had the energy during our lunch break to make sure my new pillow works.

dog friendly road trip

“Will, I just want to make sure you don’t get stuck with a bad pillow.  You can thank me later.”

While I spent this morning moving boxes and unpacking, Eko spent his time masterminding an Ocean’s Eleven type caper.  During a few of my trips to the car, I noticed that Eko was sitting on the stairs and acting strange.  If I looked away I could hear him shuffling, but if I looked back all I saw was this:

dog friendly chicago

“Nothing going on over here…Will, why don’t you just walk outside for a minute”

Eko played coy as long as he could, but soon enough I realized what his target was.

dog friendly chicago

I thought the top of the fridge was the perfect place to store Eko’s bones and treats, but the Windy City Bandit realized that he could break into the vault from the stairs

dog friendly chicago

When Eko realized I was onto his game, he gave me the sullen “you caught me” criminal look

dog friendly chicago

Turns out that the look was just a decoy, because moments later he darted his head through the railing and ran off with his prize

Normally, I make Eko work to earn his treats, but in this case I had to applaud his clever thievery.  While Eko happily munches on his bounty, I have to get back to unpacking.  Tomorrow’s a new day for adventure!

7 thoughts on “Windy City Bandit”

  1. Do NOT teach Eko to drive or use a keyboard! You two make such a great team that I would hate to hear that Eko had gone rogue!
    Love reading your blog of all the adventures you and Eko have!

  2. Dude:
    Maplewood, NJ to Evanston, IL in thirteen hours? Back in the seventies with Nixons double-nickle 55 mph national speed limit, it took me 15.5 hours to go from the SOUTH side of Chicago to Convent Station, NJ. I calculate you and Eko were doing Mach .7 on route 80. SWEET!

  3. I think we know who is the smart one here! Too cute! Will, you should become a writer, or a professional photograher.

    • Thanks guys! It’s clear to anyone who reads the blog that Eko is the brains and the looks behind the operation, I’m just the guy with the car!


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