Tools Of The Pet-Blogging Trade

Roughly 90% of the emails I receive ask the question, in some form or another, “What is a good looking dog like Eko doing hanging out with a guy like you?”  The other 10% of emails ask me how it is I capture Eko’s good looks on camera.  While I can’t speak for Eko to answer the first question, I’m always happy to share what I can about how I put this blog together.  Whether you’re a pet-blogger or you’re just looking to snap some photos of your pet, here are some camera products that I think can help get you the exact shots you’re looking for.

1. Canon S100

dog friendly blog

It’s so easy to use, even Eko can do it!

As far as point-and-shoot cameras go, the S100 is about the best you can get.  There are plenty of more powerful and more professional cameras, but when you’re on the go and need a lightweight but trusty camera, the S100 can’t be beat. It can easily be used one handed, so you won’t even have to take your hand off the leash.

2. Joby Gorillapod

dog friendly blog

Although Eko is convinced it is a dog toy I won’t give him, the Gorillapod works much better as a tripod

I have a full size tripod that I keep in my car, but most of the time I end up leaving it in my trunk.  A large tripod takes time to set up and it’s a pain to carry on any outdoor adventures.  The Joby Gorillapod is a durable, flexible and trusty camera mount that’s easy to carry.  You can attach your camera, set the timer and take great photos of you and your pet in under a minute.

3. Xshot camera mount

dog friendly blog

The Xshot in action at Montrose Dog Beach

Getting the right angle for a shot of Eko or trying to get a close up while he’s romping on the beach isn’t always easy.  The Xshot mount makes it simple to get the exact shot you want, when you want it.  I especially like using the Xshot to get some unique angles while recording video.

4. HD Hero 2

dog friendly blog

The HD Hero 2 – better known to readers of this blog as the Eko Cam 5000

The Canon S100 is a stalwart and takes both great photos and great video, but if you’re looking for something a bit more exciting, the GoPro Hero 2 is my camera of choice.  The Hero 2 can take photos, but the real reason I love this camera is because it’s compact and can attach to Eko via a chest strap (sold separately) to capture some amazing dog’s-eye view footage.  The Hero comes with a water proof, air tight case, so I can let Eko loose at the beach (or just about anywhere else) without worrying about damaging the camera.  You can check out the camera in action here.

dog friendly blog

Our intrepid reporter, ready for action!

And of course, the most important tool to have handy is treats!  Eko would have left me in the dust long ago if I didn’t reward him for his efforts.  If anyone has some other gear they like to use to get photos of their pets be sure to let me know.

12 thoughts on “Tools Of The Pet-Blogging Trade”

    • Hey Elizabeth, I actually shot you a note yesterday through your contact page but it must not have gone through. I currently shoot both photo and video on my NEX-6 with the standard kit lens, though I hope to try out some new lenses soon. My older videos were shot on a Canon S100 which is a fantastic point and shoot which has been upgraded since I purchased it a couple years ago. I edit my videos using Adobe Premiere Elements – it’s easy to use, has a intutive workflow and there are plenty of free tutorials as well. All my voiceover work is input with a USB Yeti microphone I picked up on sale at Amazon. Hope that info helps – if you have any other questions just let me know.

      • Hi Will!

        Thanks for the prompt reply and all the insights! I have been playing around a lot with my Yeti. It is an amazing tool. Thank you for your help. I’m going to play with Adobe Premiere Pro. — the new C6 cloud version.
        Wishing you and Eko a joyous New Year!

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