We Need Your Help: What Are Your Dog’s Favorite Toys?

Just like I always manage to mess up foolproof plans, Eko has a knack for quickly destroying “invincible” dog toys.  Chicago weather is notoriously finicky so I’d like to find a couple good toys to help keep Eko entertained when we have to stay indoors.   Here is what we’re working with so far.

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“Yeah, Will, we’re gonna need to fill this whole basket with toys”

Item #1: The toy formerly filled with stuffing

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Still works,  Sort of.

It might be just a bit hard to tell, but the cloth piece in the above photo used to be a fully formed lion.  Eko quickly beat the stuffing out of it and now likes to keep it as a trophy.  In the past I’ve bought “tough” (aka expensive!) plush toys for Eko but he tears through those just as easily.  If I see a cheap plush toy on sale, I’ll buy it, but I’m hoping to find something a bit more durable.

2. Kong Bone

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Eko’s been fishing for treats out of this Kong bone since he was a pup

Not long after I got Eko I bought a Kong Bone.  It was definitely one of the best purchases I made.  The bone can take a serious beating and Eko loves to lay down and go to work dislodging the treats from either end.

3. Kong Treat Ball

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Eko’s favorite

The Kong Bone is great when Eko wants to snack and lounge, but if I need to burn off some of Eko’s extra energy, then the Kong Treat Ball is my go to toy.  Made of the same durable material as all Kong products, the Treat Ball has an opening where you can stuff – you guessed it – treats!  Eko really has to work to get the treats out and by the time he’s got the last one he is ready for a nap.

4. The antler

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Eko will pass up any bone for a good antler

Eko has sampled just about every type of bone there is, but none of them compare to his beloved antler.  He gets bored with bones after a few days, but he is always happy to munch on his antler to pass the time.  We picked up his current antler in Montana (literally, we just picked it up off the ground on a farm) but there are plenty of places to buy them.  If you haven’t bought an antler for your dog before, I highly recommend you try it.  They’re more expensive than a bone, but they last forever and are well worth the investment.

And that’s it!  Just three toys – I don’t count the eviscerated lion.  I’m not looking to get Eko a ton of new toys, but I would like to add two or three new ones to the rotation.  For putting up with me, I think he’s earned them!  If your dog has a favorite toy that’s not on the list, let me know.  There are so many to choose from so it always helps to get some recommendations from the experts – you!

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Eko wishfully looking for more toys at the bottom of the basket

Thanks in advance from Eko for any suggestions!

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