A Little Imagination Goes A Long Way

In an age of constant connectivity and slick hardware, we are all accustomed to being impressed only by the very latest in technology.  While the new tech is great, we sometimes forget to appreciate the simpler joys in life.  Luckily our pets are there to remind us that fun and excitement aren’t a product of what technology you have, they are a product of your attitude and imagination.

This morning I picked up a new grill.  I discarded the box and went to work setting it up.  While I was working, I heard a commotion and took a look back into the living room.  Eko’s tail was wagging like crazy and he was having the time of his life playing with the cardboard box.  Last week I was looking for a new toy for Eko and it  looks like I found one.

dog friendly blog

The possibilities are endless when you have some imagination

pet friendly blog

It may look like Eko is sitting in a box, but actually…

dog friendly blog

He is the captain of a Viking ship

pet friendly blog

It may look like Eko just has his paws on a box, but really…

dog friendly blog

He’s running the Black Jack table in Vegas

pet friendly blog

Just lounging in a box?

dog friendly blog

Nope, Eko is leading the charge!

dog friendly blog

And if this seems like a photo of Eko eating the box…well, that’s because it is!  Sometimes a box is just a box.

When you’re a pet, every day is an exciting journey and every moment is an adventure waiting to happen.  Thanks to Eko for reminding me that all it takes is a little imagination to make an average day an incredible one!.



Very clever. Eko you are a wiz at these photo shoots (sorry, I’m giving him all the credit). Love the photoshop pics! Yes I fully agree, people should take a page from “A Day In The Life Of A Dog”, they live every moment with joy and from hug to hug.

Justin, after yesterday I am a 100% on board with your conclusion. Now every time I get a package for myself, I know I also have a great toy for Eko.

Love your posts. My girls (2 black labs) love to chew up boxes I get in the mail. Say hi to Eko from us.

Will do Robyn, thanks for checking in! Seems like I’ve been wasting money on some expensive chew toys when all I needed to do was toss Eko a few cardboard boxes.

Your posts always make me smile and reminds me of my therapy dog Mohave. He did whatever we wanted him to and wore many costumes. One was a wizard costume that came with a tall pointy hat and silver tinsel hair. He wore that hat with no problem. He was such a ham and I miss him. I still have all his costumes if you are interested I could give you a great deal. lol No but really Eko looks like he would love to wear them. you can contact me if you may be interested. They made a lot of people smile.

Haha, thanks Nancy! I agree, Eko is a great sport with all that he has to put up with – but he loves the attention and the treats! Dogs are the best at reminding us to smile.

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