The (Wiener) Circle Of Life

Paris has the Eiffel Tower, Rome has the Colosseum and Chicago has… Wiener Circle!  Yeah, yeah, I know – Navy Pier and the Sears Tower (or whatever they are calling it these days) get all the hype – but if you want the true Chicago experience you have to make the pilgrimage to the North Side and get a hot dog from Wiener Circle.

dog friendly chicago

The one, the only – Wiener Circle.  It’s quiet by day, but at night it turns into the busiest spot in the city

The Wiener Circle storefront may be unassuming, but just about everything (and everyone) else screams a raucous good time.  While the rest of the city sleeps, Wiener Circle is jumping with a packed crowd of hungry post-bar patrons looking for a greasy fix.  Wiener Circle is open until 4:30 am, and the later you visit, the more interesting the crowd gets.  4:30 is a bit past Eko’s bedtime, so we swung by the iconic hot dog joint for lunch.  The outdoor picnic tables are the perfect spot for a person to enjoy a dog with their dog.

dog friendly chicago

Eko enjoying the shade under the picnic tables

dog friendly chicago

Two good looking dogs!

Any visit to Chicago should include a visit to the North Side and any visit to the North Side should include a visit to Wiener Circle!  If you’re ever in the area, take your pup for a stroll and be sure to check out the Windy City’s favorite hot dog joint.

4 thoughts on “The (Wiener) Circle Of Life”

  1. I want to see Eko eating a slice or two of Deep Dish Ginos East or Unos pizza. It would be cruel if you didnt offer Eko a cannoli (or two) to top off the banquet. Also Greek Town offers all Rhodesian Ridgebacks and their handlers Baclava. Dude, get to it, you are starving poor Mr,. Eko to say nothing of yourself of primo Chicago vitamins.


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