It’s The Little Things

When Eko and I go out for a walk I do my best to take a different route each time.  It’s a good way to get familiar with our new city and we always find new parks to explore and new people to meet.  We have walked past plenty of pet stores on our travels, but today I saw a store that was too funny to pass by.  What can I say, I’m a sucker for cheap laughs.

dog friendly chicagoDepending on the size of your pockets, every dog is a pocket puppy!

Pocket Puppies is a boutique pet store that caters to small dogs, so Eko certainly turned a few heads when he barreled through the front door.  By the looks of things, Eko weighed more than the store’s entire clientele combined.  Nevertheless, the staff was happy to have a big puppy check out their wares.

dog friendly chicago

More proof that the smaller the dog the bigger the troublemaker

dog friendly chicago

Unfortunately, the shirts were just a bit too small for Eko

dog friendly chicago

This little guy was roughly the size of Eko’s breakfast, but the two of them still had a blast playing together

For Eko, the shirts all fit better as bibs and the beds all fit better as slippers.  Luckily, treats are one size fit all so we picked up some jerky and Eko left Pocket Puppies a happy dog.  I don’t think Eko and I will be doing too much shopping at Pocket Puppies, but if you love small dogs then you would be hard pressed to find a better place to visit.  And if any big dogs try to bully our little friends at Pocket Puppies, Eko is ready to save the day!

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