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I was casually eating breakfast this morning when Eko popped the question.  Not the question, but close.

“How do I know we’re right for each other?” he asked.

After a year on the road and countless adventures together, the answer seemed obvious, but Eko wanted some reassurances.  Luckily, there’s an app for that.


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The friendfetcher application on lets you learn about what type of dog or cat might be the best fit for you.  Covering mixed-breeds and all pedigrees, the app allows you to look up pets by breed, or you can input information about yourself and it will come up with a list of pets that would typically fit your lifestyle.


find the perfect pet

With Eko watching over my shoulder, I carefully selected that I was looking for a larger active dog that doesn’t bark much and is easy to groom.  I had to hold my breath for a second, but voila, friendfetcher thankfully suggested Rhodesian Ridgebacks as a good fit for what I was looking for.  Eko also saw the results and was quite pleased.  However, he may be wary if I ever tell him that I’m going to meet up with a Sloughi – another type of dog friendfetcher recommended.

find the perfect dog

Not only is friendfetcher a great way to learn about and compare pets, the app also can help you find and adopt the pet you’re looking for.  Now, pet owners know that the “perfect” pet is any pet that you love, train and care for, but if you have any questions about what type of pet would be a good fit in your house then I definitely recommend you check out friendfetcher.  If you already have a pet, friendfetcher is a fun way to learn more about your buddy.  If nothing else, the interactive voices for each pet are Oscar worthy!

6 thoughts on “How To Find The Perfect Pet”

  1. Have you watched the breed animations yet? You have to watch the Newfie one … when I first saw I actually cried I was laughing so hard … it has to be exactly what Wyatt would sound like! I love the friend fetcher tho I always recommend it to anyone looking for a dog, especially if they have kids!

    • Yeah, I never really think of Eko as “medium,” but I guess compared to a Great Dane, Mastiff or Newfie he seems like a little guy!


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