GQ Magazine, Did We Miss Your Call?

It may be tough to believe, but occasionally I go out and do things without Eko. Gasp! You can only ask one dog to put up with so much, so I try to give Eko a break every once in a while.  Normally my excursions are pretty boring and consist of things like me standing in the grocery store for ten minutes trying to figure out the difference between onions and shallots.  However, on today’s solo adventure I learned a few very interesting things…


dog friendly chicago

First, I learned that my bank has mini golf.  I will now be stopping by much more frequently.  As you can see, I need the practice.

After the bank, I hit the barbershop.  As I was flipping through a magazine, I heard a familiar rustle from underneath what I thought was a coffee table.  And that’s when this guy poked his head out.

dog friendly chicago

Something tells me that he didn’t graduate barber school

Of all the barbershops in all of Chicago, I accidentally stumbled into one that’s pet friendly!  What are the odds? Finding a good barber is one of the most important parts of settling down in a new city, and I think I’ve found my spot.  Luckily for me, they also give great haircuts.  Next time I’ll have to see if Eko can come along.

While the pup kept me company, I flipped through GQ magazine and waited for a chair to open up.  I was about to put the magazine down when a particular page caught my eye.

pet friendly blog

Debonair, dark haired man and an adventurous looking Ridgeback?  Now where have I seen that combination before…

dog friendly chicago


GQ, what happened??  How did we not get the call for that photo shoot??  I clean up nice!

If he wasn’t also my dog, I would most definitely fire my agent right now.

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