The Bucket List Begins

With over 15,000 miles and about forty states under our belts, Eko and I have seen and done a lot.  But even though we don’t live out of a car anymore it doesn’t mean we’ve gone soft on you!  There are still plenty of adventures out there, all we have to do is go out and find them.  With that in mind I put together Will And Eko’s Ultimate Bucket List.  

dog friendly road trip

Eko’s seen a lot, but there’s still plenty more to see

The bucket list has around thirty five items on it, with the difficulty ranging from extremely easy (hug Eko every day) to slightly more challenging (get a photo with Oprah).  We won’t be traveling outside of Chicago for most of these items, but after traveling the country with Eko I can confidently say that it’s not where you are that matters, it’s what you do.  What Eko and I will be doing is making the most of every day and looking for adventure around every corner.

dog friendly bucket list

Marking Our Territory’s intrepid cameradog will be there to cover it all

The list is just a start and we hope to add to it frequently.  For example, next time I update the list I definitely plan to add, “Take part in a magazine photo shoot.”  I mean, we have to be getting that call soon, right?

If you have a minute, check out our list and let me know what you think.  Be sure to share any ideas you have about an item or adventure you think I should add.  Thanks to your input Eko has a few new great dog toys, so I’m hoping you guys can also help us add a few new great adventures as well.  Thanks!

11 thoughts on “The Bucket List Begins”

  1. Great list, very doable. I like “find a pet a home” cause not every doggy is as lucky as Eko but should be. You’re a primo pet owner Will, everyone should take a lesson at “Marking Our Territory”.

    • Thanks! I’m with you, there is no better feeling than when you get a new pet, so it would be great to spread the love. We are looking into some local shelters now so that we can help find some pets great homes.

  2. Looking forward to your future adventures. Couldn’t open your check list…might be on my end though. Gave your blog a thumbs up on my post yesterday 🙂

  3. I think Eko will make a wonderful therapy dog. I worked as part of a therapy dog team with two different dogs, since 1994. I was also a tester/observer with Therapy Dogs, Inc. I retired in January as it was time for my pup to retire. If you have any questions I will be happy to help. You can check out to find what the test entails and find a T/O near you. I don’t even know Eko other than what I have read and I think he is already ready to test and become a therapy dog. I know you two can do this!

    • Thanks for the tip Nancy, we actually got a couple emails about therapy training and the canine good citizenship testing. I definitely want to get on board and start working with Eko asap. Nothing would be better than to get Eko certified to spread the love to those who need it most. I’m going to do this research this week and follow up with you if I have any questions. Thanks so much again for the recommendation!

      • A CGC is a good thing to have but it is not required to be a therapy dog through TD Inc. The hardest part of the CGC test is they have to do a stay for 3 minutes while out of site of you. Mohave passed but wined the whole time. I have never met Eko but since you take him so many places I am sure he is ready to test. Get in touch with a T/O in your area and go along on a visit to see what is required (without Eko the first time. Shhhhh don’t tell him) I would love to see Eko working. He will be very good at it. Let me know if I can help.

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