Will And Eko’s Parenting School! (Teach Someone A New Skill – Bucket List #37)

I’m at that age where my friends have just started to have children.  They like to brag about all the things their kids can do, and I do my best not to ask if the kids are housebroken yet.  I did ask once, but that joke didn’t go over so well and I haven’t been asked back since.

Nevertheless, in comparison to most of my friends, I am a seasoned (pet) parent and so I feel it is my duty to teach them the ropes.  One of the most important parts of caring for an infant is learning how to swaddle it properly.  In addition to being a hilarious word, swaddling is also the best way to keep a kid warm.  My (big) baby was kind enough to assist in the demonstration.

dog friendly bucket list

“Will, remind me again why I volunteered for this?”

dog friendly bucket list

Step 1: Put the baby in the center of the blanket with his head facing a corner

pet friendly blog

Step 2:  The bottom corner is the first one to be folded up

best dog blog

Step 3:  Next, bring in the front corner across the baby’s back
pet friendly blog

Step 4: Finally, bring the last corner and tuck it around front

pet friendly bucket list

And now your baby is as comfy as can be!

Let me guess, you’re thinking “Will, the whole point of swaddling a baby is so that you can carry him, and there is no way you can carry Eko like that.”  Oh really??  Well just step back and watch my parenting skills in action!!

dog blog bucket list

First we scoop

bucket list dog friendly blog

Then we dip

dog friendly bucket list


Needless to say, my friends were awestruck by my parenting skills.  I’m thinking that down the line Eko and I might have to open the world’s first cross-species parenting school.  Don’t think it could work because babies and puppies are too different?  If that’s the case, explain to me why baby toys and dog toys are the exact same thing!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this post!! When the twins (two-legged variety) were born, Scott was the swaddling master, and I was thoroughly inept. I have to show him this! Looking forward to seeing more of you and Eko. Thanks for visiting Squirrel Circus today! 🙂


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