When Is A Pet More Than A Pet?

Mr. Rogers is one of my heroes and I think that one of his best lines can be appropriated to explain how most of us feel about our pets – “You’ve made this day a special day by just your being you. There’s no (pet) in the whole world like you. And I like you just the way you are.”  Just by virtue of being who they are, we love our pets!  But I also realized that our pets usually do a lot more than just be our pets.  Here are just a few of the ways Eko goes above and beyond to help me out around the house.

dog friendly blog pet friendly chicago

Does this face look familiar?  If so, you are the proud owner of the world’s most reliable “no-set/no-snooze alarm clock!”  With Eko on my side, I never have to worry about sleeping the day away

pet friendly blog dog friendly chicago

Dyson has yet to dream up an attachment that can even remotely clean the floor as well as Eko.  As you can see, he’s well equipped to get in those hard to reach spaces

pet friendly blog dog friendly chicago

“I got it, Will!”  – If I’m upstairs, I don’t always hear a knock or ring at the door.  Eko has never once failed to announce a visitor or delivery that I might have otherwise missed

dog friendly blog pet friendly chicago

Chicago is known for it’s freezing winters, but with this four-legged blanket draped on me anytime I sit on the couch, I may never need to turn on the heat!

pet friendly blog dog friendly chicago

Eko even helps me balance my checkbook!  ….I apologize, that was the corniest joke I have ever made.  I’ll see myself out.

Alarm clock, vacuum, door bell and blanket – Eko is truly a Swiss Army dog.  Every pet has different skills so let us know how your pet is more than a pet!  If you have a link to a photo, even better.  I would love to highlight some talented pets in a future post.


If we can make one person smile, laugh and have a better day then we consider our adventures a success, so your comment means a lot – thanks!

Those photos are priceless! Petals looks like she is half-batman, and Blossum seems well beyond caring about subtlety. Thanks for sharing.

I love giant dogs that think they are lap dogs! Is there anything cuter? I’ve yet to find it. Also, the first picture of Eko with his wet nose, about to smush you in the face, is great. I remember being woken up by my childhood dog like that EVERY SINGLE DAY. At the time I was annoyed, and now I would give anything for that alarm clock!

You did NOT just balance your checkbook on your dog…oh, but you did. Love it — and quickly forgave you the corny wordplay. Good work around the house, Eko!

Bailey definitely gets me UP when I’d love to just sit (or better yet, lie down) — but one of his best qualities is his willingness, later in the day, to join me for an impromptu nap! I was about to say that he’s cheaper than therapy…..but I’d better not. More fun, hell yes! Cheaper? Perhaps not😉

Mylo lets me know when there are animals on the TV that he believes may enter the house via the screen. Toady lets me know when I should stop working by laying a paw on my lap and looking longingly at the couch. They have many other, better, talents, but these are some of my favorites because they bring me laughter every time.

Haha, the “time to stop working” move is also one of my favorites. It definitely keeps me from staying glued to the computer longer than I should. Pets make excellent comedians as well.

I agree with you. My furry beast it’s also my psychologist, those miserable days at work, when everything goes wrong, you get home and see that little things wagging his tail and twitching all his body just because you got home, it makes your problems go away or at least forget about it till next day. They keep you grounded and teach all about responsibility.

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