The Old Sea Dog (Boat Ride On Lake Michigan – Bucket List #4)

Eko is no stranger to water.  He’s earned his sea legs on kayaks, canoes and even surf boards.  And of course, you can always find him bounding through the waves at any dog beach.  However, Eko has only been in the water under human/dog power, so this afternoon I decided it was time to kick things up a notch.  On one of our first days in Chicago, we visited Navy Pier, but somehow I didn’t see the sign for Seadog Cruises.  True to their name, Seadog speed boats welcome four legged passengers aboard for their tour of the city,  so last night I bought a ticket on the first boat out this afternoon.


dog friendly chicago pet friendly travel

If you see this sign, drop what you are doing a buy yourself a ticket – pups ride for free!

Eko was made honorary first mate and the two of us enjoyed what might have been the best thirty minutes of our time in Chicago so far.

pet friendly place dog blog

Eko was all smiles cruising out of the harbor, but he had no idea that the fun was just getting started

pet friendly places things to do with your dog

“Hey captain, does this thing go any faster?”

things to do with your dog

“Now that’s what I’m talking about!”

As we shot up and down the Chicago skyline, Eko couldn’t have been happier.  It was a gorgeous day, the wind was blowing in his face and the spray from the boat kept him cool.  I have about twenty great photos from the ride, but here are just a few more of my favorite.

dog blog rhodesian ridgeback

Whether human, canine or other, the best view of Chicago is from the water

things to do with your dog rhodesian ridgeback

“Hey Will, how’s my hair?”

rhodesian ridgeback pet friendly places

All smiles after a great trip

As you can see, I had the Ekocam 5000 strapped on for the ride, so hopefully I will be able to share some video from our trip later this week.  More importantly, if you ever visit Chicago, make sure to swing by Navy Pier for a ride with Seadog.  And don’t forget to bring your dog along for the ride!


Thanks guys, glad you all enjoyed the photos! It was an awesome joyride for any pet that likes the wind in their face – but if your pet isn’t up for it I still highly recommend taking the ride yourself! Definitely the best way to see the city.

What an awesome thing…they are my new BFF. I love that dogs ride for free. Hey, I can see John Hancock, I’ve been up to the top (my cousin worked next door) years ago. I feel cooler just seeing Eko’s ear’s flying in the breeze.

When we visit Seadogcruises will be sure to tell them Eko sent us…loved all the pictures, Eko is so photogenic, Eko reminds me of my recently passed yellow lab so much…oh, and your smiles is pretty catchy…

Eko is a canine after my heart. There’s nothing I like better than riding in my human’s boat- and as a bonus, I get to play with the fish the Geezer doesn’t want to eat.

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