Beach Bums (Hit The Beach – Bucket List #17)

The blessing and the curse of being a dog is that they always have to live in the moment.  Each trip outside is an adventure with limitless possibilities and each time we leave home without them is a seeming eternity of waiting until we return.

Sometimes when I think about what Eko and I should do, I’ll think to myself, “Nah, we shouldn’t do [X], we did that a couple weeks ago.”  What I forget is that two weeks for a dog might as well be two thousand years.  Although we visited Montrose Beach less than a month ago, I felt Eko had waited lifetimes to get back to Chicago’s best dog beach.

things to do with your pet

“Montrose, I’ve missed you.”

things to do with your pet

The best part about watching Eko romp is that he acts like every visit to the beach is both his first and his last.  That attitude is definitely contagious!

things to do with your dog

Eko and his lab buddy had a ball

things to do with your dog

It’s a shame Baywatch is no longer on air – Eko would be a perfect castmember

dog blog

How do you like Eko’s new trick? I’m teaching him to walk on water

dog blog

It wasn’t easy but I eventually corralled Eko

Summer is fading, but we will definitely make a few more trips before the cold weather hits.  Today was a good reminder that I should always treat every trip, adventure and day like it’s my first and my last.  Thankfully I have a dog like Eko who sticks around to help teach me this stuff!


Yah yah, pets do have away of living in the moment, I need to remember that too. I love those photo’s especially the one with the Lab, cause it’s happiness to the enth degree!

That lab’s smile is my favorite part of the photo. Who but a lab would be so happy that someone (not mentioning any names…) stole their ball?

Arri wants you to tell Eko that she is so jealous of his beach adventure! Arri says at least she got to explore downtown Coffeyville, Kansas today…her home for the next 3 1/2 months while her parents attend to their work camper jobs at Amazon.

I’ll have to agree with Arri, we didn’t see too many beaches on our trip to Kansas, but at least she has all that wide open space! Hope she enjoys it while you guys are there – thanks for checking in.

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