A Labor Day Toast

We here at Marking Our Territory would like to offer a simple Labor Day toast to all of our friends out there:

May your grill be hot

May your beverages be cold

And may you be as relaxed as Mr. Eko

pet friendly blog dog friendly chicago

The hardest working dog in America…or something like that

No matter what you do for work, we hope you get to enjoy the day off with your pet. Cheers!

11 thoughts on “A Labor Day Toast”

  1. All those tangled legs! WAIT, where is that pair of really pale white legs? They should have been in with Eko’s! Have a rested holiday.

    • Those pasty white legs were kicked up on a leg rest, enjoying some nice R&R! Thanks, hope you have a good one as well.

  2. O Eko, great little spot to dream about your next adventure. I slept in today too, since our weather has dampened this last summer weekend. But speaking of toast, I’ll go make breakfast! Cheers

    • Eko is a lanky 95 pounds, but his secret talent is that he can curl himself up and fit into spaces more suited for 10-pound pups.


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