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Here at the Marking Our Territory blog we are all about trying new things.  From checking out bars to checking out bears, Eko and I will try just about anything at least once.  For our latest venture, I decided it is high time that Eko and I try our hands/paws working as art critics.  While out on walks, I’ve noticed that Chicago is full of public art just waiting for a guy and his dog to critique.

Today I took Eko up to random pieces of art we saw in the park.  Based on Eko’s inspiration, here is our first (or what I hope to be many) reviews on the state of public art in Chicago.  Do we have any sort of qualifications or credentials?  Of course not, but we’ve never let that stop us before.

pet friendly adventure

We called this piece Heavenly Beggin’ Strip.  I’m not sure if that’s what the artist had in mind, but that’s what that red thing looked like to us

pet friendly adventure

The Hidden Truths installment was my personal favorite, though after reading the inscription I would have retitled the work The Inspiration For The Most Interesting Man in the World Commercials.

pet friendly adventure

Eko quickly learned what it takes most people a lifetime to realize:  art is just a reflection of ourselves

dog adventure

Eko felt like this piece accurately reflected the way my brain works

pet friendly blog

We had a vigorous debate about the meaning of the foliage on this piece until I realized that we were looking at a tree that had fallen during a storm

Like I said, I know nothing about art, but I definitely enjoy checking out the sculptures as a way to make longer walks more interesting.  Speaking of interesting, I would be interested to see if Chicago has any interest in displaying the work I had commissioned – a work which many collectors are already calling the Mona Lisa of our time.

dog friendly adventure

You’re welcome, Chicago.  Mr. Mayor, please feel free to call and let me know where you want it displayed.  

10 thoughts on “Art D’Eko”

  1. Cool stuff guys. I’ve seen the Mona Lisa up close and personal and I’ve got to say, I like yours better. Too bad Leonardo didn’t think about putting a dog in her lap (maybe his, self portrait controversy). Hey, you snooze, you lose Da Vinci

  2. Will, what a hilarious and witty take on art. Loved the one about the fallen tree, Eko was over the top adorable smooching up to the glass, how did you get him to do that? The quick draw of you and Eko is perfect! Reading your blog and seeing the pix are helping me a lot from missing my beloved lab. Thanks.


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