How Eko Loses Ten Pounds In Ten Minutes

Anyone who has a dog knows that there is an easy way to help them lose weight – give them a bath!  I have no idea where Eko hides all that dirt, sand and loose hair on his body, but even when I think he is not that dirty, the runoff water still looks like someone dumped a construction site’s worth of debris in the tub.  Like many dogs, Eko isn’t a fan of baths, but by now he knows that it’s best to get them over with.  Here’s a quick video of how I get Eko cleaned up before a hot date:



I’m always on the lookout for good products, so if you have a favorite shampoo, brush or anything else, please let me know!

16 thoughts on “How Eko Loses Ten Pounds In Ten Minutes”

  1. i have a question for Will and Eko… My mom has a dog that looks alot like Eko. I was wondering what kind of dog he is because we cant figure out what he is.

    • Eko is a Rhodesian Ridgeback – If your mom’s pup has a face like Eko’s then there is a good chance he has some type of hound in him, possibly a Ridgeback. Hope that helps!

  2. Lu hates bath time, but a pair of Kong Zoom Grooms make him think hes getting a massage while being lathered. They also take lots of hair and dirt off him.

    • The Zoom Groom is great – Eko always leans his full body weight against it so he can have the ultimate doggy massage.


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