A Battle For The Ages

I have a theory that long before our planet existed there began a great battle for control of the universe. The struggle continues to this day and I have a feeling that many of your own homes have been battlegrounds.  Of course, I am speaking of the war between dogs and vacuum cleaners.


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“We meet again, vacuum…”

Eko has done just about everything aside from jump out of an airplane (we’re working on it…) and his nerves are unflappable.  Speedboat motors, train engines and subway screeches don’t bother him in the least.  However, as soon as I take out the vacuum, Eko bolts up and prepares himself for battle.  There are plenty of places he could go in the apartment to avoid the vacuum entirely, yet Eko feels compelled to attack the vacuum.  Every. Single. Time.

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Eko ready to launch himself at the vacuum

The aftermath of the above photo involves a large crash and the sound of Eko  sprinting away to prepare for another surprise attack.  This is usually why I don’t vacuum unless I’m sure that my downstairs neighbors are gone.

Like I said, Eko isn’t usually phased by anything, so I can only assume that dogs and vacuums are mortal enemies.  Anyone out there have any luck at teaching their pup to make a truce with the vacuum?

24 thoughts on “A Battle For The Ages”

  1. Not us, that’s for sure! Daisy started out unphased by the vacuum, but somewhere along the line she must have read in the Doggy Handbook of Behavior that dogs and vacuums shouldn’t be friends, and she does exactly what Eko does. But there may be hope – I saw a video on YouTube of a dog who enjoys being vacuumed! His owners don’t have too much shedding to worry about since they can vacuum him anytime. Go figure!

    • Aha! So there is hope for us all. I’ll have to add that one to the bucket list – it would definitely be nice to clean the house and Eko in one shot.

  2. Toady loathes the vacuum. Especially the attachment that I use to get in and under things. He won’t attack it, but he will bark. I have a feeling that if he starts attacking it, we will have to buy a new vacuum at least once a week. I mean, 120lb dog versus vacuum? I think we all know who would win.

    • Yeah, I’m 100% with you. I do my best to keep the vacuum away from Eko because I know what happens when Eko gets a hold of anything not made of titanium/

  3. Bailey hasn’t attacked it yet, but he keeps a close eye on it. If it’s not ON, he pretty much ignores it. When I get started vacuuming, he’s has to be right at it, with his nose almost in danger of getting run down by it.

  4. Yes!!!! My black lab Maddie does that! When i leave it in a spot where she may walk by it, she growls and walks way around it! How funny our furry friends are!!!


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