A Battle For The Ages

I have a theory that long before our planet existed there began a great battle for control of the universe. The struggle continues to this day and I have a feeling that many of your own homes have been battlegrounds.  Of course, I am speaking of the war between dogs and vacuum cleaners.


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“We meet again, vacuum…”

Eko has done just about everything aside from jump out of an airplane (we’re working on it…) and his nerves are unflappable.  Speedboat motors, train engines and subway screeches don’t bother him in the least.  However, as soon as I take out the vacuum, Eko bolts up and prepares himself for battle.  There are plenty of places he could go in the apartment to avoid the vacuum entirely, yet Eko feels compelled to attack the vacuum.  Every. Single. Time.

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Eko ready to launch himself at the vacuum

The aftermath of the above photo involves a large crash and the sound of Eko  sprinting away to prepare for another surprise attack.  This is usually why I don’t vacuum unless I’m sure that my downstairs neighbors are gone.

Like I said, Eko isn’t usually phased by anything, so I can only assume that dogs and vacuums are mortal enemies.  Anyone out there have any luck at teaching their pup to make a truce with the vacuum?

24 thoughts on “A Battle For The Ages”

  1. Sorry Will, Buddy shed sooooo bad, his pillow was always a big hairy mess and I had to vacuum it EVERYDAY. He wouldn’t even move, I only used ‘one’ dedicated hand brush so it wasn’t full on noisy…I would even do him when the pillow was done. Granted, he was a real loafer..lazy bones (think Beverly Hillbillies dog and that’s about it). Would it be possible to borrow a friends vacuum one day?…maybe it’s just the pitch of your paticular brand?

    • Eko’s been around 5-6 different vacuums and hated them all equally, but Buddy gives me hope! It would be nice to be able to clean the apartment and Eko in one shot.

  2. I had a 30lb beagle who would sneak attach the vacuum while I was using it…she would jump out of nowhere and grap the bumper and try to destroy it, actually she did and we replaced it on several occasions!!! Maybe the noise hurts their ears.

  3. Eko and Wills’ next adventure….jumping out of a plane? Have you seen the You Tube video of the German Shepards in the Army jumping out of planes? Truely amazing.

    • We’re working on it! I was inspired when we visited the AKC Museum of the Dog and saw photos/videos of dogs strapped to the chest of paratroopers. Dogs never cease to amaze.


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