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I like to run.  I’m not particularly good at it, but if I only stuck to what I was good at I would have to eat gummi bears all day. I have been called the Leonardo da Vinci of eating gummi bears.

One of the reasons I decided to get a Rhodesian Ridgeback is because the breed is known for its endurance.  Trained Ridgebacks can run 30+ miles in a single day. Thirty miles is a bit ambitious for me, but just like his forebearers, Eko absolutely loves to run.  We both prefer to run on off leash trails – if I run five miles at my pace,    Eko usually runs ten miles by sprinting circles around me.  When we’re in the city though, I keep Eko on a six foot leash.  It’s the equivalent of attaching a cinder block to a Lamborghini.

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I told you he’s fast…

Even though I slow him down, Eko is always happy to take me for a run.  When I don’t feel like running, Eko will pace around the house until I finally lace up my sneakers.  I may not like it at the time, but I appreciate him getting me out the door. In all his exuberance, Eko can sometimes pull on the leash or bound in front of me during the first part of our run.  A few weeks ago I might have complained about how tough it is to start a run with Eko, but I recently saw this incredible video about Sami, a blind cross-country athlete who races with her guide dog.  If Sami can learn to run blind, then I can certainly learn to run better with Eko.

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You never know what kind of interesting people/frogs you will meet when out for a run

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And the view always seems that much better when Eko and I have had to work for it

One of my bucket list goals this year is to run in a dog-friendly race together. We have been training a few days a week and we are looking for races to register for. If you are interested in running with your dog, you can find some good training tips here.  If you know of any pet-friendly races in the Chicago area, or if you just have any good dog-running advice from your own experience, be sure to share!

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  1. My Mum did a half-marathon last year (before I came here). I wouldn’t have been any good training with her, though. We greyhounds don’t have stamina for long jogs, we just have short, quick bursts of speed – and as our top speed over short distances is around 75kph (that’s about 46 miles per hour) Mum wouldn’t have a hope! 🙂

    Mum says good luck with finding a good race to enter. She says there were a couple of people with dogs walking/running the marathon she was in last year.

    Big WOOFS from Solo 🙂

    • Ah greyhounds, the Usain Bolts of the canine world. Eko has developed a patented method for chasing his greyhound friends in the park. He pretends he is going to chase them so that they’ll sprint and use all their energy, then he catches up when they’ve worn themselves out. Otherwise he would have no chance! Seeing them in full stride is really amazing.

      Eko and I are starting with shorter distances, but I would love to train us up to a half-marathon. It would still probably be a snoozer for Eko at my pace, but I always run faster with Eko at my side.

  2. Will: Your readers need to appreciate that, in your youth, (two years ago) you completed THE CANADIAN **** RACE, and lived. 125 kilometers, 4,200 foot high plateau for starters, 17,000 foot high peaks and three mountain ranges all in under 24 hours while being chased by 1,000 pound ravenous Grizzly Bears the entire way! Dont be so modest about your running prowess.

    • Youthful indiscretions! I would like to recommend to all my readers that you do not run 80 miles in one day – five miles is just fine for this old geezer.

  3. That is the only drawback to having a miniature dachshund…she is too small to run with Jerry and I. Although she does think she is a sprinter and she can hike 4-5 miles with us, as long as the weather is cool.

    Jerry and I both have run the Chicago Marathon numerous times. I have run 9 marathons and Jerry has run a few more than that. He even took on the challenge of training for and completing a 50-mile ultra marathon. He’s crazy,,,ha ha!

    I don’t think you should have a hard time finding a pet friendly race. I know in Phoenix there were several throughout the year.

    • Nice, that’s good to hear – I was worried there wouldn’t be that many, but after doing some more research it looks like there are a handful throughout the year that I can look into. Some days I wish Eko would tire out after 4-5 miles, but overall I’m glad he whips me into shape!


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