One Easy Step To Make Your Life Better (Hug Eko Every Day – Bucket List #10)

The world is a daunting place.  Especially on Mondays.  Between work, responsibilities and expectations, just making it through the day in one piece is an adventure all of its own.  If I told you there was a product guaranteed to always put you in a better mood, I would have more people lined up outside my store than Apple does.  No such product exists, but luckily there is something that works even better – our pets!

No matter how I’m feeling and no matter where I am, a hug from Eko makes me smile and makes me feel like life is just a bit more manageable.

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Eighteen months ago, Eko and I began our daily tradition of hugging it out

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Emily got in on the action as well.  As you can see, hugs with Eko have a 100% chance of making you smile 🙂

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Even as Eko grew, he was still happy to give a good hug

(This photo was taken before our road trip, but you can see by the dinosaur bump on his head that Eko had always been quite adventurous)

Eko and Emily show that you can never be too big for a hug!

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If you can’t pick your pet up, hugs on the couch definitely count!

So when you’re rushing through your busy day, make sure to take a minute to give your pet a hug.  You’re guaranteed to have a better day – and if pet-hugs were a product I could sell, they would definitely come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In fact, I am such a proponent of pet-hugs that Eko and I have decided to start a Public Service campaign to encourage all pet owners to join the movement.  What do you think of our first poster?

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Next up: a prime time commercial

I’ll catch you guys tomorrow – Eko looks like he could use a hug!

18 thoughts on “One Easy Step To Make Your Life Better (Hug Eko Every Day – Bucket List #10)”

  1. I love this!! I know the post is from 2 years ago – but I have a Brittany and she LOVES to hug – she will put up a paw – when I turn to face her and tap my chest, she will put a paw on each shoulder…i’ll pick up her butt and she will be held in a hug for as long as I let her – her head is usually resting on my shoulder. When I go to put her down – she’ll try to crawl higher up to stay longer. It makes my day and I would def recommend a good dog hug to anyone! Thank you for sharing! I have never seen a dog do this before and I love it.

  2. Yes, please hug your dog daily!! They love it and they need to know how much they mean to us. I just lost my best friend Dawn and I would give anything I own to have her here again to give her a great big hug! Hug, hug, hug!!!

    • Couldn’t agree more! Thanks for spreading the word. So sorry to hear about Dawn, but it sounds like she was well loved and often hugged – a life well lived!


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