One Man. One Dog. Twenty-one Parks.

Eko knows a thing or two about dog parks.  From a dream-come-true park in Georgia to a canine oasis nestled in a Utah mountain range, Eko has romped and bounded in the best of them.  I also like dog parks because they’re a great place to meet new people and new dogs.  That got me thinking, as a freshly minted Chicago resident, a fun way to get to know the city and some of its residents (four and two legged) would be to visit all of its dog parks. And thus, Bucket List Mission #39  was born.  Conveniently, Chicago has all of its public dog friendly areas listed on one page.

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“Will, did you just say we are going to visit ALL of the dog parks?”

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By the time we’re done, Eko will likely have stolen a tennis ball from all of Chicago’s dogs.  You can see one of his victims complaining to her human in the background.  I’ve noticed that Eko acts a lot sneakier when he’s stolen a ball than when I’ve given him one.  Proof that he knows he’s a thief!

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“Will, this may be your best idea yet!”

We began our tour of Chicago’s twenty one parks with a morning visit to Montgomery Park downtown.  We have already visited a number of the parks on the list, but I have a funny feeling that Eko won’t mind going twice!

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