The Great Pet Debate – Take Two

On Friday I wrote about America’s Pet Debate – a fun contest between cats and dogs for a great cause.  I’ve heard back from a number of readers, and while many people are staunchly for one candidate or the other, there are still plenty of undecided voters out there.  In Friday’s video you heard from the candidates, but what do some of your fellow constituents think?  To find out, I hit the streets of Chicago to ask some Windy City pet-owners to tell me about which four-legged candidate they love best.  Check it out!

And don’t forget to cast your vote here!  Don’t worry if your allegiances are divided, you can vote once a day through the first week of November.

5 thoughts on “The Great Pet Debate – Take Two”

  1. I have had both not at the same time. I currently have 3 cats and 1 foster cat for a total of 4 all indoors. Cats are less maintenance then dogs I dont have to worry about taking them for a walk when it is pouring rain or its 25 degrees outside. But on the downside litter boxs are not the most pleasant thing in the world. I guess since you are in Chicago I get 4 votes one for each cat.

    • Haha, it sounds like you have an intimate understanding of Chicago politics! Unlike human elections, it’s out in the open that you can vote more than once in this one. I’m rallying for dog votes, but I think it’s more important that all citizens cast a vote. And you do have a point – Chicago is about to be hit by storms and I am not looking forward to this evening’s walk!

  2. I really like the “bi-petual” comment…that would be me as well! It had been a long time since I’ve had cats in the house. Two rescue kitties that I was going to find homes for, are now permanent members of the household and our Ridgeback, Rooi has accepted them as such.


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