Field Of Dreams

One of the most important parts of being a pet owner is teaching your pet the difference between right and wrong.  Of course, one of the most important parts of that teaching process is letting your pet know the right sports teams to root for.  For example, Eko learned from an early age that the right team to root for in college sports is Notre Dame.

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For baseball, I have always been a Yankees fan, but since we lived on the road for most of Eko’s life we weren’t able to catch too many games.  With the Yanks (hopefully!) going deep into the post-season, now would be the perfect time to teach Eko to root for the Bronx Bombers.  However, I think that after tomorrow I am going to have a tough time convincing Eko that anyone but the Chicago White Sox should be his favorite team.  Why?  Because tomorrow night Eko and I are going to a White Sox game.  Not just any White Sox game – it’s the annual Dog Day game.

Along with a host of other lucky dogs/humans, Eko and I will get to watch a live Major League Baseball game from inside the stadium.  It’s going to be an incredible experience and I can’t wait to check it out.  I may be a Yanks fan, but tomorrow night Eko and I will definitely be cheering for the Sox.  The White Sox…never the Red Sox…ever.


Of course, all dogs should be Yankee fans.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Notre Dame hoody, straight up the nostrils, shot of Eko. “I’m ready for my close-up!”

Eko is a total diva for the camera – he knows that if he puts on his runway face that there are some treats in it for him.

I think it is super cool that you get to bring Eko to a baseball game! I will forgive you for loving the Yankees….I am a life long INDIANS fan and now that I am in Detroit I am forced to cheer for the Tigers (or my husband will divorce me lol)….our Tigers just might be seein’ ya in the post season!

not a sports person, but sure love, love, love Eko’s get up and the close up shot. that look of his in all the close up shots is priceless, you should blow up one and frame it…

Those close-ups are definitely my favorite too. I have a few posted up around my apartment – they are always good for a smile.

Have fun at the game.
I have to be honest, never been a baseball fan but living in the city you gotta pick one team, to help that decision I went to a Yankees-Mets game was too much for me I almost fell sleep. I like Hokey better.

I hear ya, baseball has nowhere near the action of hockey – luckily Eko will be there to keep me entertained if the game lulls!

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