A Home Run For Dogs – (Go To A Baseball Game – Bucket List #13)

Eko and I have been around the block a few times, but never in all our time have we had an adventure like the one we had last night.  I didn’t know what to expect from the Chicago White Sox’s Dog Day promotion, but the event turned out to be better than I ever could have imagined.

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I initially thought the event just allowed your dog to sit with you in the stands, but as it turned out, my ticket included a parade pass for Eko and I to walk around the field before the game!

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“Look ma, I made it to the big leagues!”  Along with over a hundred other lucky dogs, we were treated to a close-up view of the action

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Eko was a crowd favorite!  Both fans and players alike asked me about the Eko cam.  There are probably a few hundred facebook photos of Eko posted by White Sox fans. (Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties I don’t have any usable footage from the game)
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“That’s crazy, that dog has a camera!” – shouted one of the players on the right.  It was surreal that the guys getting paid the big bucks were cheering on Mr. Eko – who gets paid in dog treats.

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The outfield bleachers were filled with awesome duos like this.  

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Eko cheering on the home team

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Thanks White Sox for a great night!

Due largely to the support of the dogs in the outfield, the Sox opened up a three run lead in the first inning.  Unfortunately the Sox lost the game, but the team definitely gained two new fans.  The event was incredibly organized and well put together – every dog got a free water bowl, there was a temporary grass pee-station and when I ordered a treat (a cold one) for me, it came with a dog treat for Eko.  The entire stadium staff was accommodating and helpful, and the crowd definitely loved the energy from all of the four legged fans.

Hands down the Chicago White Sox’s Dog Day was one of the BEST events we have ever attended.  I can only hope that some other teams take a cue from the White Sox and start a Dog Day tradition of their own!


This is awesome! I have heard that some Baseball Stadium do this. I am not a baseball fan but I have already started looking to see what Stadiums in Central Florida do a Dog day and I am ready to spend a day at the ball field!!!!

First, “Go Yanks!” Second, I have fallen madly in love with Eko.

As a rabid baseball fan, (get it?) I discovered your blog just in time – the day of your post detailing preparation to attend Dog Day at the ballpark. I then checked other entries and could not stop smiling over the pictures of Eko hugging you and your girlfriend. That last photo of the full body hug is an award winner!

Anyway, had to check back to see how the game went. Sounds awesome! Great description of the event – good pictures. We have a Triple A ballclub in Buffalo. I’m going to write to them — and the Yankees! — to suggest this promotion. I’m sure there are logistical and legal challenges, but they can learn from the White Sox.

So glad you and Eko have each other! I enjoy reading about your adventures. I have two rescues – Cosmo, a Walker Hound (2 yrs) and Lucia, a Redbone Coonhound (1 yr). Cosmo has been on roundtrips with me and is a Hilton frequent stay member. Got Lucia in July – she howls, so lodging may be a problem. Any tips from the road?

Hey, glad you found us! We always love to share our stories with new people (especially yanks fans). Luckily Eko isn’t much of a howler or barker, but anytime he was uppity or overzealous I would make sure to run him ragged before we got to the hotel. He would be too tired to do anything but sleep! But we’ve seen and done it all on the road so let me know if you have any other questions I could help with.

That looks soooo flippin awesome! I like that doggy on the lap of another fan and great picture of Eko keeping his eye on the outfield. I think they should do that in every ball park.

I’m with you – it was one of the best adventures we’ve had and you could tell that the entire stadium and staff absolutely loved the event

I had to show my husband your post. What fun!!!! He was rooting for the White Sox to lose cause we live in Detroit. He said to tell you the Detroit Tigers used to allow dogs to one game a year but for some reason they stopped.

That’s great (about dog day in Detroit – NOT about the tigers), I hope more teams can figure out how to make it an annual promotion. But above all, GO YANKS!

I would love to do a tour of some other team’s dog days. Eko and I are just about ready for another road trip, and it’s that much better if another stadium outing awaits us at the end of the drive.

Great minds think alike! That’s exactly what I did this morning. You have to let the people in charge know when they put on a great event that it is much appreciated by the fans.

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